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Ashkan Dian - 963 Hz

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

A preview of 963 Hz video which is available now on YouTube.

Visualize the world next to the matrix view, an exciting rhythm with sleepy sounds. Prayers for the creator are like reciting a poem for the beloved. This is a journey into the extraterrestrial world that introduces you to frequencies that give you hope and an understanding of the power of adrenaline. 963Hz is played and supported by many DJs around the world. This Ep is included remixes such as " SPACE MOTION , BARDEEYA and L E N K E ".

"Ashkan Dian" A.k.a. "ASHKAN" (اشکان) is a Canadian DJ/PRODUCER with new waves of his unique personality resides in Toronto. His distinctive talent in playing music makes you to start a journey on the clouds, over the sea, through the time in your dreamland,while he starts out shaky on the dance floor. Time to time, you experience new journey and feel positive sounds. He does not only play music He makes you an adventurer while your foot firmed on dance floor. Gathering middle-East chords and sounds with energetic hypnotic tunes distinct him from others. His impressive work portrays his mystical and spiritual journey. Galaxies sounds-inspired is noticeable in his musics that shows inner feelings of his life history. Clench your fists and enjoy of his sounds on the dance floor.

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